We Discover

We look for a property that has character. Something unique. Something that we can not only revitalize, but also bring to a level not previously explored. We see what’s possible.

We Evaluate

We are methodical and experienced in assessing risks. We bring in all the stakeholders. Each one has a voice, and we listen. We believe in transparency. It’s critical that all input is taken into account. This collaboration provides the synergy required to move the process forward.

We Transform

We think differently. Once a property is fully vetted, our experienced and diverse team works together to challenge the norms. It’s this unique perspective that allows us to redefine a property well beyond what many would imagine possible.


Below are a sampling of properties that have transformed. These represent a variety of commercial, residential, and mixed-used properties. All of which fill a need, represent a new purpose, and offer limitless potential.


Thistle Properties has a core team of people who have diverse business backgrounds and experience. We all bring a unique point of view to each project. And, we work together with a large, extended team of vendors, partners, and contractors who help make what we do a reality.

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