Built in 1850, the farmhouse on 79 Parker Street in Newburyport, MA was recently occupied as a residence by a descendant of the original owners. It was a time capsule of sorts and a throwback to an agricultural era. Over the decades, the farm became surrounded by an ever-expanding office park. After the residents were gone, the house sat empty and was on the brink of being demolished. How could the farmhouse be saved? Thistle Properties worked with architects, city planners, and businesses to completely reimagine the space. Today, The original farmhouse is undergoing a renovation for use as an office and meeting space. The barn will be revamped for functions and weddings. And, new buildings will be built to house a local brewery, restaurant, and more.

In 2020, we will begin accepting reservations for events to be held in the Barn. Check back for more information.

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